God Is Not A Robot

Dec 29th, 2017 Paige Lohrman
by Robert L. Rodenbush For the past few years, it has seemed as if the pages of the science fiction novels and the storylines from the comic books that fueled our imaginations as children and teenagers are no longer just fantastical tales of intrigue and mystery. The technology that seemed illusory just a decade ago … more »

Does a View of Inerrancy Affect Interpreting the Bible?

Dec 14th, 2017 Paige Lohrman
    by Bobby Killmon Does one’s view of inerrancy affect interpreting the Bible and if so how?  First of all, what is inerrancy? It is the claim that Scripture contains no human errors or is free from having mistakes of any kind. What types of errors do others suggest might be in the Bible? … more »


Dec 5th, 2017 Paige Lohrman
    by Paul Mooney “We can do this by ourselves!” On a weekly basis, I talk with, listen to, speak to and interact with young people. Even among the very youngest there is a certain understanding of the present social fluidity. They feel it. You get the picture, of course. And the kids get … more »

Hospice Care for Dying Churches?

Nov 27th, 2017 Paige Lohrman
by Robert Rodenbush An article in Alban Weekly, a publication of Duke Divinity School, highlighted a group of non-profit organizations that have sprouted up with an interesting mission. The article, written in September 2017, documents that nearly 3,700 Protestant churches closed last year and most did so quickly and “under duress.”One such ministry founder, Rev. … more »

Belief in the Inerrancy of Scripture

Nov 20th, 2017 Paige Lohrman
    by Bobby Killmon How do we explain the importance of our belief in the inerrancy of Scripture?  We must remind ourselves that it is not enough to just believe in God. Even the devils believe in one God and tremble! (James 2:19). But unless we have a message from God regarding what life … more »
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